Root Session

This free regular session is intended for those who have considerable experience in meditation and Buddhism and would like to go deeper into the Dhamma.

As a guide to this level we recommend that you have attended the Community Session regularly for at least one year, completed the Community learning programme and attended at least two Community Retreats. As part of this session we will follow a Root learning programme . At some point we also recommend that you attend a Root Retreat and visit a Thai Forest monastery: Cittaviveka (Petersfield), or Amaravati (Hemel Hempstead) or Forest Hermitage (Warwick).

If you have any questions about this session please contact Geoff Hunt at

Next Sessions

The sessions are currently held approximately every 4-6 weeks on a Saturday from 10am – 11:15am via Zoom.

Please contact to register your interest at least a week before the session to receive the study text and a Zoom invitation. You will need to have read though the text before the session.

  • 7th Nov 2020 (closing date 1st Nov 2020)
  • 12th Dec 2020 (closing date 5th Dec 2020)
  • 23rd Jan 2021 (closing date 16th Jan 2020)
  • 13th Feb 2021 (closing date 6th Feb 2020)
  • 13th Mar 2021 (closing date 6th Mar 2020)

The sessions are held approximately once a month on a Friday from 7:30pm – 9:30pm in the Meeting Room, The Maybury Centre, Woking
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